Diegetic steering


Full immersion is the unreachable desire of many larpers. A reminder of our first larp. A demanding path that rewards with deeply moving experiences. But this approach is not free of danger, one of the most relevant being the possibility to prioritize the characters desires over the larp ones.
The steering technique allows to modify non-diegetically the direction and motivations of a character. This while useful, requires an extra effort for the participant and creates an immersion gap. Therefore a diegetic steering approach would be more desirable.

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Design mistakes as opportunities

After my encounters with different larp cultures I got shocked to find that what defines them, what makes them unique, was not new to me. In fact those elements used to be part of our larps until they became marginal, design mistakes to implement if no other option was available.

For this countries these elements were their biggest advantages. Their larp designers had taken a complete different approach and where we saw outdated elements they found their trademark.

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How to survive your first Knudepunkt/Knutepunkt/Knutpunkt/Solmukohta

(There are already articles regarding this topic, but they have been written by those who had strong contact with the Nordic community, and therefore their perspective is different)
I traveled by my own to my first Knudepunkt (Denmark 2015), with just few acquaintances (many later friends) between the assistants. There I developed some points by trial and error to make the experience as satisfactory as possible (all points being absolutely subjective)

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We do not exist

(Article meant for the Spanish players to reflect and join the international community. Originally published in Spanish. It has been written after assisting to the Knudepunkt 2015. It has been published in Spanish in all the larp existing groups. It has been translated by a non-native speaker. Thank you for your consideration)

We do not exist.
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