The dangers of immersion

Immersion, a tool, a style that rose to became the only truth many of us believed. And then, years after, we have turned our backs against it, and relegated it to its rightful place, as another possible way to play, not compatible with each kind of larp. A tool to put limits on, because if taken to the extreme it can be dangerous to the larp, to the other participants and to the immersionist themselves.

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Larp production

Octavio Ocampo, Visions of Quixote


This article aims to provide a non-subjective process regarding the various phases and contents of the larp creation. To, by following them in an iterative manner, improve their quality, reduce the amount of work required, avoid the omission of essential phases and in general to provide a common framework.

This article was written in response to the roundtable of larp organizers that took place during EntreRevs 2017.

All hereby exposed resumes what I have learned out of my experience both in larp and my professional life. It is the methodology applied to both Somnia larps as well as my own personal projects.

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