At a stage that is all and nothing
minds in confusion chase themselves.
Layers of essence, interpretation, to be,
permeate for the richness of the experience.

Vision, focal point of pursuit.
A script that, alive, breaks and exhales.
Technical guidelines for the game of life
in a chaos that at gallop trails.

Absent spectators trapped within
in this emulation of mist and shadows
Boria, in my homeland, we call it.



Current projects




Image by Jesús Pérez

A larp about magic realism and common people’s paranoia.

A search for a meaning in constant belief and disbelief.

Following a fatuus fire out of desperation and dangerous curiosity.

The search for something impossible called Niria.




Niria is an international, English language, urban larp in which participants give life to common people whose reality has been shattered by folk tales – which have their own rules and desires.

A modern reinterpretation of the folk tales and their motifs, a magic realism experience in which our daily world will be seen through the eyes of superstition and delirium.


A larp of crimson, velvet and raven.

Of lost identity, perceived truth,

inner horror and hidden lights.

The 70’s as psychedelic canvas,

nightmare caves in white.


Walpurgis is an immersive and narrativist larp based on the European horror films of the late Sixties and early Seventies.
Nightmarish subrealism when a coven meets to celebrate the mysteries of Walpurgis Night, the Devil’s Feast.



Past projects

Image by Jesús Pérez

Have you been tempted by the open sea?

You feel it: passion unbridled with no dull excuses.

The world outside is a faraway grey street

where words are blades that hurt.

This is our utopia of intellect and illusion:

we are the dry-mouthed seafarers,

as wounded as proud, as mad as holy.


A larp about Mediterranean dreams and red-blooded delusion.

About waking up late and enjoying life.


Blue Flame

Tears will set us free.


Blue Flame is a larp about revolution against the establishment, freedom and equality. Set in a dystopia in age 2058, where the reality is the Government controls the population with a substance that keeps them from feeling sadness, guilt or frustration.
The larp takes place in the camp from where the propaganda and liberation actions are coordinated.



(As character writer)

Fairweather Manor is a larp set in England during 1917.

The participants step into the lives of servants, nobles, artists and local guests at a great house during the Edwardian period.





Concrete and steel. Work and flesh.

Where there is food and shelter, freedom is a forgotten waste of the past.


An industrial complex endures the tides of time with an anchor in The-World-Before. Their dwellers work and enjoy a contract in a sea of scarcity and madness.

The hardship of The-World-After.