My larp deditation has born out of passion, still your help is more than welcome.

Some ways of contributing are:

  • Economic contribution: My main motivation is not monetary, still an economical benefit could allow me to increase the time I devote myself to larp.
    Click here to donate (Paypal).

    If your donation is related to an specific work (Eg. Dear Lucy)  you can indicate it in this form.

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  • Published larps

    • Proofreading: In case of typos or unclear elements.

    • Layout: My graphic capabilities come out of dire need, therefore any help with the layout of my current or future works is more than welcome.

    • Logo/image: A logo or image to represent a work is something complex and essential at the same time.

    • Feedback: If you run any of my larps your evaluation can help me improve it.

  • Spread the word: So my work reaches others.