(Important: This page is intended to hire my services as professional edularp organizer)

An edularp is a larp with educational goals.

It takes advantage of the capabilities for motivation, learning and integration that a larp possesses and emphasize them to create an educational tool that is as effective as it is entertaining.

Edularps have an additional benefit for young minds. They are in a phase of experimentation and rebellion. During this time they are subjected to several external stimuli destined to distance them from the academic world.

For that reason an entertaining, didactic activity in which they can be the protagonist and live firsthand the action, by their own choice, is the perfect activity to consolidate what they have already learned and grant them the desire to learn more by themselves.

You can read more about edularps in the following article.


My credentials

I have 14 years of experience as a larp organizer. Also, I have more than seven years of experience providing internal courses for several companies.

I have performed Edularps to students aged 13 to 18, as well as for adults.

Additionally, I have a fluent level in 4 languages (Spanish, English, German and Polish) and would be happy to perform my larps in a multicultural environment to assist the language learning.


Hiring an edularp

If you wish to hire me to perform an edularp, please fill the following form.

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The price will vary according to the number of editions as well as the travel/lodging requirements.

Available Edularps

Fuenteovejuna my Lord!

Fuenteovejuna is a XVII century Spanish theatrical play.

Due to its almost choral characters, its cultural impact and the relevance of its topics (the injustice of the powerful, rape and abuse, the union and honour of the common folk) it is perfect for an Edularp. For in a funny way rescue the taste for the classical theatre and the topics contained in the play: Justice, togetherness and honra (perception of honour in front of others)

Somewhere in la Mancha

Edularp that seeks to teach students to create collective stories using the invaluable canvas that Don Quixote provides us. With the goal to develop the imagination of the students, teach the themes of Don Quixote from within and awaken the taste for classical literature.

The students will take shifts, so each one of them will play as Quixote, Sancho or the narrator at least one time.

Shadows and Bohemia

Luces de bohemia is a heartrending, undeniable canvas to gaze at the society we live in, specially the Spanish one.

This Edularp follows the theories that defend that both Max Estrella and Latino de Híspalis are to two facets of the same person, to play their roam while they face the temptations that surround them in the form of shadows and other characters.