This post-larp workshop is aimed to those participants that have an excessive bleed or suffered a personal issue during the larp.
During the duration of this workshop this participant will benefit alone from the help of another participant or organizer.

A “Guide” is nothing but two people walking together. The guided looking for someone to hear their problems, the guide giving support and advice.

Guides happen naturally quite often after a larp. Turning it into a workshop aims to make participants aware that this possibility is at their reach. Also the existence of a predefined process makes it available to those that do not count with personal friends between the assistants.

Any participant that feels overwhelmed (positively or negatively) can request other participant/organizer to be their guide.
Together they will take a walk out of the larp location, with the guide hearing and advising the guided. Topics not related to the larp are allowed and some times even advisable.
The guide should remember at all moment that is at the service of the guided, and try to listen speaking only when necessary.
The guidance continues until the guided feels more tranquil.

If the person that is requested to act as guide does not feel comfortable with it or is busy with an important matter, instead of rejecting should offer to help finding a substitute to be the guide.


This workshop can take place at the same time than others, but it is advisable that the person requesting for a guide waits until most of the other workshops are finished to allow the guide to take part in them.

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