Guided regression – A characters’ past workshop

Workshop intended to deepen characters’ past.

Along this workshop participants are guided to create or fill gaps in their characters’ past.
This is an individual process, but several regressions can happen simultaneously.
It was designed for a contemporary larp but if required the setting can be adapted (e.g. confessional)
The organizer (or a participant with enough knowledge of the character’s past or the larp direction) takes the position of “Doctor”
The participant that will strengthen the character is the “Patient”
The patient informs the doctor what needs to be “remembered”, then lays down and relaxes.
A maximum time for the regression must be set. It will both ensure a non-excessive duration and help the doctor gradually approach the decisive moments.


  • All questions should be directed to help the character’s development and its relation with the larp themes.
  • Once a topic slows down the doctor is free to force it or change topic.
  • Narrates in a non-detailed, oneiric way the initial situation of each scene.
  • The doctor is at the service of the patient.
  • With follow-up questions helps the process carry on.


  • Relaxes, even meditates shortly if required.
  • Is not allowed to cut topics. Instead the patient can be vague and let clues regarding the desired direction.
  • Guides the doctor by describing the situation the character witnesses.
  • All answers take place in a confusing manner to allow the participant fill the gaps and take conclusions afterwards.
  • If the patient is unhappy with any of the results is free to modify or eradicate them afterwards.

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