Paz agresiva

A post-larp workshop to break frictions between participants that are alien to each other but whose characters had a difficult interaction.

The main target is to put in contact participants that did not know each other previously. If not possible they should look for someone who is not a friend in real life. The exception to this are situations between characters that could affect their personal relation.
Required materials:
A pillow or any other soft weapon.
Participants form a circle.
The pillow is given to the first one.
The participant:
  • Chooses who to hit.
    • Someone who is not a friend in real life.
    • Whose character did something mean to theirs.
  • Explains shortly to this person the reason why.
  • Hits this person with the pillow only one time and without the intention to hurt.
  • Shakes this person’s hand or gives a hug.
  • Passes the pillow to the next one. By no means can the participant hit a second person. There would be time for this later.
After a whole round has already taken place more pillows can be given to let the situation escalate into a pillow fight.


At the end of the workshop free time is given so participants can talk with the person they hit or that did hit them.

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