Creative process

Leonardo da Vinci’s ‘Study of Hands’

It is interesting to dissect how my creative process has evolved after so many years of writing.
How the simple “lets sit, overcome the feeling of doubt and failure, and write” has changed to days of preparation.
The initial birth of an idea followed by few lines in a paper. Let then the idea macerate for days, weeks or even months in my mind while I write other texts, then come back to it and write to a medium state. Stop before it is finished to discuss it with people of trust in a free, intellectual and beautiful way, without following any preset path, but letting ideas flow.
Someone told me how easy la sirena varada looks. How characters are poetic but also vague and short, not knowing that this was exactly what I was aiming for.
This introspection comes while writing another character. How with a clear picture in my mind I did stop before finishing it. Instead I called my mother to discuss the never existing Arcadia, the gullible and imposing Don Quijote and Thomas More’s Utopia, and how the implementation of such ideas would lead to the end of freedom in the search of “perfection”
Not sure if I write better or worst than in the past, or if I am loosing my spontaneity with this conscious process, but I am sure that I am getting rid of random luck and advancing in a self-aware search for creativity.

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