Character’s triangle – A pre-larp workshop for character development

A pre-larp workshop to increase character development and help with the early immersion.

Perfect prior to in-character workshops.
The character’s triangle requires of meditation, for additional information this article includes a simple meditation technique.

The character’s triangle has been tested in la sirena varada and other Somnia larps.


While in a meditative state participants are guided through questions destined to enrich their characters. These questions are simple and open in their nature. Participants will mentally answer them the way they see fit (from formulating the answer to visualize their character in related situations). Once the questions are finished, participants will have time to reflect and put into practice their character’s triangle.



Participants sit comfortably in a place that allows them to support their backs.
They are taught how to meditate using a 4-2-4-2 tempo (if participants know other forms of silent meditation they are free to use them instead)

Once achieved a minimum of relaxation (minimum 5 minutes of meditation) participants are lead through the character’s triangle. Participants will then focus on the guide´s voice and work through the questions provided, always mantaining the meditation breathing and posture.

The guide will present questions of physical, mental and emotional nature, three questions each. Find below the phrases I use, but feel free to adapt them to your needs.



We will now focus on your physical nature.

  • Movement.

 What drives you, the feet, the belly, the head? What characterizes the way you walk?

  • Facial gestures

What is your  usual facial expresion? How does it change in front of others?

  • Peculiarity.

What is that gesture, that thing that makes you unique? when do you do it?



We will now focus on your mind.

  • Wits

Are you a wise person or a foul?, what do you show to others?

  • Intelligence

How smart are you? is your mind able to solve problems or it forces you to rely on others?

  • Answer speed

How fast does your mind act?, in a conversation do you answer quickly or do you take your time?



We will now focus on your emotions.

  • Love

 What do you love? Now love it, love it with all your soul.

  • Hate

 What do you hate? Now hate it, hate it with all your heart.

  • Fear

What are you afraid of? Now see it in front of your eyes and get scared to death.

The guide must remember to talk softly and slow, cutting the words to the minimum and letting enough time for reflection.

Take in mind that time seems always slower to the one leading this workshop. In case of doubt ad some extra seconds between each point.

Once finished participants are left on their own to continue the reflection as long as they require. They can start slowly moving when they wish to, of course always without disturbing others.

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